The location of thedesertsisters festival in the middle of the sand dunes of Lake Iriki

The desert camp Bivouac les Nomades

Our desert camp is located about 70km from the last small desert town of Foum Zguid. You can only reach the camp by 4x4 and it is a 2-2.5 hour drive. On the way you will see the diversity of a desert landscape - the desert is more than just sand. Only 10% of the Sahara consists of sand dunes. You will pass huge and majestic table mountains, dry open steppe, acacia trees, the rocky desert called Hammada, the dry lake of Iriki with no shade for more than 30 km. Our camp is situated between the sand dunes of Lake Iriki. As the area is not very touristy you can still discover the real desert.

Our camp is a beautiful and authentic camp - not the most luxurious camp you can find in the Sahara. But I truly believe that for an authentic desert experience you don't need the comforts of a hotel, the real luxury of the desert is the milky way you can see with your eyes, the shooting stars, the perfect shapes of the sand dunes, the silence, the golden light, the sunsets and the deep connection you will feel with yourself.

At the moment the camp has 6 tents with beds, 2 restaurants, a shower and two european toilets and a kitchen. In the summer we will build more tents, more showers and toilets and enlarge the kitchen to make sure the camp is ready for our beautiful desert sisters.