Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a slow business and social media coach for women. But my approach to helping my clients has always been different and off the beaten track. I believe that true fulfilment comes from forging our own paths and following our hearts. Women lead differently and build businesses differently - but it takes courage in a male-dominated corporate culture - that's why empowering women has always been a big part of my work. I also believe that building a business is personal development to the power of ten - we cannot develop in one part of our lives and ignore the other. Working with me always means going to the depths of your personality. Anything else is just scratching the surface.

I am an example of what I want my clients to be - I followed my heart first, faced my downside and success came naturally. And that is how I ended up hosting a festival for women in the most beautiful middle of nowhere.

Founder of thedesertsisters



Hi, my name is Oumnia. I am a watercolour artist and jewellery maker. 

I like to capture moments when I'm travelling, using my camera or sketching on my A6 sketchbook with watercolour. As I don't have a lot of time, watercolours dry so quickly, are small and easy to work with, and I like to finish my work with pigment pencils. Capturing what my eyes see and what I feel, I turn some of my works into postcards or repaint them when I'm at home.  My paintings are usually landscapes or Moroccan atay (because atay is love).

Founder of Amanies



Let me introduce myself, 

My name is Mustafa Elayadi, I grew up in the desert between Foum Zguid and M'hamid. 

Between the endless ocean of sand and the hard edges of the Jebel Bani mountains is my home. As a child, I lived the life of a traditional nomad with my family and goats. 

After studying English in Agadir, I came back to the desert, away from modern life and back to the simple life, to my family, to do what I feel is my passion. To share a little of the magic of this place where I grew up. To do this, I started my business, founded Morocco Desert Excursions and received permission from my tribe to build my traditional nomad camp for tourists in the middle of the dunes.

Founder of Bivouac les Nomades