Hard facts about thedesertsisters festival:

The organisation for thedesertsisters festival includes

How to get your ticket?

All 15 tickets are by invitation only.
To get an invitation, you must agree to actively participate in the festival - this festival is not made for simply consuming, we create together!

There are no special requirements!
Offer what you can and what you enjoy the most. This can be anything from yoga, to creative workshops, to photography! Surpise us with your talent and knowledge!

We decide according to one principle:
First come, first served!  We are looking forward to diversity - if two people offer similar activities, the person who registered first will get the ticket! If you have more than one talent, great! You'll increase your chances of getting a ticket!

Please note:
The desert, the heat and the remote location do not allow for everything. Special places sometimes require special measures - but we are happy to help you find solutions! 

In return for your services and your active participation the festival ticket itself is free, you only pay the normal price for the camp, including transport, accommodation, meal and our Moroccan partners -  400€

🤍 As last year, the principle applies that all locals involved are paid fairly. We want to promote sustainable and fair tourism!

🤍 In addition, you will receive a pre-booking right for all future festivals and, should the principle change, a special price as a desert sister of the first hour!

You wanna be part of thedesertsisters festival? Amazing! We are looking forward to receive your mail!

Please share the following information in your mail:

✨ What kind of service can you offer to co-create the festival with the other sisters?

✨How much time does this activity take? 

✨How many days would you like to offer something?

✨Do you need any kind of special equipment?

✨Is there anything else importanz to know?

You will get your responce if you get your ticket as soon as possible! We are not going to collect first and then decide. Anyone who is interested and fits in with us is welcome and doesn't have to wait long for a decision

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