Hosted by Nads

Womb Warrior: Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces.

Through a practice of womb conscious yoga, your own inner guidance leads you to a state of freedom.  Are you ready to reclaim your innate power, step into your authentic radiance and express yourself with openness and celebration?

You are a womb warrior.  You do not need to change or better yourself because you already hold so much power within you.  It is simply time to remember.  

Womb Warrior: A workshop dedicated to connecting you to your sacred source of wisdom.  Using breath work, gentle movement & sound to release stagnant energy and past trauma that may be holding you back from igniting the creative force within.

Warrior Priestess: Effortlessly flowing with fierce grace in business

A Warrior: is some­one who is ready and willing to do battle with intelligence and truth.

A Priestess: is a leader who embodies the qualities of integrity, truth, honour, wisdom, and higher consciousness.

Together that’s a powerful proposition.

As cyclical beings, women are in a constant state of change, moving from one phase to the next. Each month we ebb & flow through a hormonal dance.  Learning the language of our body and natural cyclical ways of being is a means to live with our bodies and not against them.  By igniting the inner power that is womanhood we create space for our intuition to guide us to live and work with integrity and truth.

Warrior Priestess: A workshop dedicated to bring awareness to the changes we as women experience, so you can adopt tools & processes to be able to transition with effortless ease.  Living in harmony with your monthly cycle optimises energy, vitality, productivity & intelligence.  Are you ready to flow with fierce grace in your business?

Shadow Warrior: Meet, Befriend & Dance with your Inner Critic

Understanding that we are not our thoughts is a central key to accessing inner peace and Soul alignment.  The truth is always grounded in love, but in order to shine bright in our light, there is a shadow that looms behind.  The inner critic is within us all and whilst it can be profoundly challenging to face, this ego deflation wakes us up to our humanity.  It keeps us humble, grounded and connected to our vulnerability - the birthplace of authentic, healthy leadership.

The voice of the inner critic or shadow self offers us harsh guidance as a means to protect us in a distorted kind of way but certainly not because there is something wrong with you that you should be ashamed of or that needs improvement.

Shadow Warrior: a workshop dedicated to cultivating boundaries between you and your inner critic so you are able to harness control of self judgement, ridding it of its toxicity to liberate your power and dance in strength with the spirit you hold in this world.


Morning Yoga

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Hosted by Rachel

Root to rise: foundation for health and growth

Creating strong and solid foundations of health in the physical body, particularly looking at gut health to give us a strong platform from which to grow from

- the place we want to be, the thing we want to create or the vision of life we want to bring into reality, all that starts with our physical body. The more flow, ease, peace and harmony we can find in our inner world, the easier it becomes to create everything we are destined for and more. In this workshop, I will cover the essential information so you can create a foundation of health in your physical being. This workshop will teach you to harmonise gut health primarily as the key anchor to total physical health. As we improve digestion, absorption and elimination in our food, physical and nutrition, there is a knock on effect on everything else in your life and I will also speak to the energetics and more esoteric aspects of digestion and for this reason, why gut health is the foundation to all health and all growth. 

Activated Woman: unlock your subconscious wisdom

Understanding our limiting beliefs and the role the subconscious is playing in our growth.

We only know what we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know. As humans, we say, I’d love to do that, go there, see that, work there. There is a place you desire to be, but cannot get to. Or maybe, you feel a frustration and restlessness that you can’t put your finger on. I believe it is more often than not the energy of our subconscious world that is in the driving seat. In this workshop, I will give you key tools of movement, mindset and meditation to communicate with and understand your subconscious so that you can see the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are stopping your growth, or maybe even stopping your dreaming.

The body is the portal: access the sacred within

Unlocking our soul’s potential and potency in this life, tapping into our sacred innermost essence

You came here as a soul to be brilliant, to have a really awesome time. You are already so much more special than you know. You don’t need any more information or knowledge or qualifications. The time is now to tap deeply into your inner wisdom. To free your body and mind, so that your soul can move through and express through you freely and fully. As we lean more and more and more into our innermost sacred essence, we meet ourselves fully, we feel more “me” and as we do that we can put ourselves and find ourselves in places of deep alignment. Allowing and opening to more good feelings, to what you deserve in this life, to where you want to be and who you want to do it with. It is your saved and divine right, and in this workshop, we will tap into that light within, and unlock it. 

Hosted by Oumnia

Centered  creativity: As we share conscious creativity, the spiritual flow arises

Mandala is a sacred art practice that uses the circle with a centre as the basis for drawings and patterns, expressing beauty through your hands and eyes. Basic art techniques, demonstrations of sacred geometry, joyful doodling, pens and watercolours will help you find your own way of expressing and connecting with your creative self. Are you ready to dive into the world of mandala? Centered Creativity : A workshop dedicated to connecting with your soul and creativity.

Be inspired to create: Enabling creative expression and clarity

Through the process of painting you connect with yourself and the elements of your environment, leading you to a state of freedom and peace of mind. Using various art techniques, colours and different types of materials to express movement and flow in a safe environment. Are you ready to connect with your creativity? Getting inspired to create : is a workshop designed to help you explore your creative self.

Celebrate art and nature: Connect with your creative spark and Mother Nature

The practice of expressing what surrounds you, your feelings, your insights through artistic practice leads you to connect with your inner self and our Mother Nature. Become familiar with different art materials, art tools and techniques. Allow yourself time to dive into your feelings, expressing yourself, the natural environment, expressing love and gratitude. Are you ready to connect with nature and yourself? Celebrate art and nature: is a workshop dedicated to connecting with our mother nature through art.

Hosted by Sarah


Forbidden: Be naughty and kick your limiting beliefs a**

What would happen if you started to do all the things that you forbid yourself to do now? Because you think it's not possible, it's not allowed, what will others think? I'll tell you what would happen - your life would be amazing. Free yourself from all limitations, blocks and negative beliefs. Surprise yourself and the world with what is possible when you start making free choices and acting on them.

In FORBIDDEN we find out what's behind your self-imposed prohibitions, why they are so persistent and what language you need to speak to your mind so that it can help you free yourself from your prohibitions - rather than supporting your self-sabotaging behaviour as it is now.

Don´t heal - transform: I am who I am!

What does it actually do to our minds and souls when we keep telling them they need to be healed? I believe in the concept of healing only to a very limited extent - because we are already perfect, not broken or sick. We have just forgotten how to channel our energy in the right direction. Transforming instead of healing means using what is there and directing the energy in the right direction. This is the only way to be sure that you are not leaving out an important part of yourself. Transforming rather than healing is about recognising that you are already the person you want to be - but what does it take to become the version of yourself you want to be?

Overflowing: Love yourself and attract money on the side

Recognising and demanding our own worth is particularly difficult for us women - we have been conditioned to be more pleasant when we are modest. But if you love yourself enough, you can no longer hold on to this construct. Money and self-love are closely related and cannot be easily separated. Only when you love yourself so much that you will never sell yourself short again will you begin to attract money casually.


Connecting sisters ceremony - exponential love

We connect in love as a community and let our love grow exponentially - let us surprise you.


Rebirth Ceremony - integrating the festival

Integration is as important as the experience itself - and we will experience a lot during the festival. That's why we will end the workshop days with a ritual to help us integrate what we have experienced in our desert home. We came as strangers and will be reborn as sisters.