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Centered  creativity: As we share conscious creativity, the spiritual flow arises

Mandala is a sacred art practice that uses the circle with a centre as the basis for drawings and patterns, expressing beauty through your hands and eyes. Basic art techniques, demonstrations of sacred geometry, joyful doodling, pens and watercolours will help you find your own way of expressing and connecting with your creative self. Are you ready to dive into the world of mandala? Centered Creativity : A workshop dedicated to connecting with your soul and creativity.

Be inspired to create: Enabling creative expression and clarity

Through the process of painting you connect with yourself and the elements of your environment, leading you to a state of freedom and peace of mind. Using various art techniques, colours and different types of materials to express movement and flow in a safe environment. Are you ready to connect with your creativity? Getting inspired to create : is a workshop designed to help you explore your creative self.

Celebrate art and nature: Connect with your creative spark and Mother Nature

The practice of expressing what surrounds you, your feelings, your insights through artistic practice leads you to connect with your inner self and our Mother Nature. Become familiar with different art materials, art tools and techniques. Allow yourself time to dive into your feelings, expressing yourself, the natural environment, expressing love and gratitude. Are you ready to connect with nature and yourself? Celebrate art and nature: is a workshop dedicated to connecting with our mother nature through art.

Hosted by Sarah


Forbidden: Be naughty and kick your limiting beliefs a**

What would happen if you started to do all the things that you forbid yourself to do now? Because you think it's not possible, it's not allowed, what will others think? I'll tell you what would happen - your life would be amazing. Free yourself from all limitations, blocks and negative beliefs. Surprise yourself and the world with what is possible when you start making free choices and acting on them.

In FORBIDDEN we find out what's behind your self-imposed prohibitions, why they are so persistent and what language you need to speak to your mind so that it can help you free yourself from your prohibitions - rather than supporting your self-sabotaging behaviour as it is now.

Don´t heal - transform: I am who I am!

What does it actually do to our minds and souls when we keep telling them they need to be healed? I believe in the concept of healing only to a very limited extent - because we are already perfect, not broken or sick. We have just forgotten how to channel our energy in the right direction. Transforming instead of healing means using what is there and directing the energy in the right direction. This is the only way to be sure that you are not leaving out an important part of yourself. Transforming rather than healing is about recognising that you are already the person you want to be - but what does it take to become the version of yourself you want to be?

Close energy leaks: Keep your cup full

You meditate in the morning and in the evening all the peace is gone again. You attend a workshop and a few days later everything is back to normal. You go on a retreat and a few weeks later all your good intentions are gone.

Energy leaks! You can refill as much as you want from above - as long as you lose energy through energy leaks, you will not achieve lasting change. And here we reach the point that healing becomes exhausting. 

I want this festival to be different for you! That's why in the last workshop of the festival we will take care of your energy leaks - so that you can take all the good energy you have filled up here home with you!

Silent Morning Meditations

All meditations are in the morning and silent meditations.
Silent meditations are the simplest and yet are among the most effective. I am a big fan of simple yet effective - don´t make personal developement and life harder than it is.
Contrary to expectations, silent meditations can also be varied - on four days you will experience four very different silent meditations.


Rebirth Ceremony - integrating the festival


Connecting sisters ceremony - exponential love